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At Fishing Tackle Depot we sell only quality fishing tackle, gear and marine products from the finest manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering discriminating anglers with the best tackle and gear at reasonable prices. With over 60 years in professional and private fishing experience, Capt, Mickey Oliphant hand picks our manufacturers and product based on quality and performance. Our customers can depend on their tackle and gear to get the job done, when "The Bite's On". We strive to build relationships with fellow anglers, not just sell quality fishing tackle. If you have questions about fishing, or which tackle and gear might be best foir your angling adventures, give Capt Mickey and call. (561) 793-08553

Rosco Terminal Tackle - "When the Bites On" Ande gets the Job Done

Rosco Terminal Tackle - swivels, snaps, snap swivels

Rome Specialty Company 'Rosco" has been a leader in the fishing tackle manufacturing business for over 85 years.Rosco is a family owned company that is ow in it's third generation of leadership under the direction of CEO Mr. Jack Butts. Rosco has led the industry for quality and innovation in the design and manufacturing of fishing swivels, snaps, snap swivels, and other fishing terminal tackle and tools. Rosco uses only top U.S.A. grade brass, stainless steel and aluminum for their products. We are direct Rosco tackle retailers, and handle the entire line of Rosco Products.If we do not have something in stock, we can get it for you.

Ande Monofilament Fishing Line - "When the Bites On" Ande gets the Job Done

Ande Monofilament

Ande Monofilament Fishing lines have been the industry standard, and the #1 choice of anglers, professional captains, and mates for over 50 years. With over 1300 IGFA and IWFA world records on the books, Ande has the proven track record that you can depend on Ande Monofilament to handle your prize catch. We are direct Ande Mnofilament retailers, and can sell the entire Ande mnofilament products lines. The Ande US distribution center is located in West Palm Beach and we are located 30 minutes form their warehouse. The owner of Anglers one stop, Fishing Tackle Depot is personal friends with the owners of Ande Monofiament. If we don;t have your line needs in stock, we can get it for you!

Mustad Hooks & Tackle - "When the Bite's On" Mustad gets the job done!

Mustad Hooks

Mustad has been manufacturing quality fish hooks for over 50 years. Captain Mickey Oliphant has personally used Mustad hooks as his #1 go to hooks for well over 50 years. He has fished the classic J hooks and the more recent Demon Circle hooks. Mustad hooks have always withstood the tests .Mustad produces numerous styles, colors and finishes for both salt and freshwater angling. Mickey has caught tiny pan fish , up to 700+ pound blue marlin, tuna fish and sharks on Mustad hooks.

Ist MATE'S SET Aluminum Heads- Assorted Colors (unrigged) SHIMANO STRADIC 4000FJ SPINNING REEL Flying Fishermen Action Angler Polaroid Sunglasses - Viper
List Price: $279.95
Our Price : $250.95
Savings: $29.00
List Price: $199.99
Our Price : $169.99
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List Price: $34.95
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List Price: $289.99
Our Price : $257.99
Savings: $32.00
Get Reel Get Fish Jumbo Blue Tackle Bag - Organizer Birdsall Marine Trident Rod Holder - Triple LARRY'S RIGS KING FISH LIVE BAIT STINGER RIG 4/0 X #4 (1 pack)
Our Price : $49.95
List Price: $199.99
Our Price : $179.00
Savings: $20.99
Our Price : $3.49
Get Reel Get Fish Jumbo soft side tackle bag and organizer! Birdsall Marine Trident Rod Holder - 3 rods