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Protect your rod gimbals and your rod holders from nicks and wear with these new patented
gimbal cover protectors.

Size Chart - (note Salt Armour protectors are sized for Aftco Rod butts)

Protector Size #2.          Aftco Rod Gimbel on 20lb. & 30 lb. Rods

Protector Size #4.         Aftco Rod  Gimbel on 50lb. & 80lb. Rods

Protector Size #6.         Aftco Rod Gimbels on 80lb. & 130lb. Rods     

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Salt Armour Rod Gimbal protectors (Aftco)
Salt Armour Rod Gimbal & Rod Hoilder Protectors (Aftco) - Gimbal Covers fit Aftco Aluminum Butts and are Made in USA. SIZES: #2 fits the Aftco Rods butts 20lb to 30lb. test #4 Fits the Aftco Rods butts 50lb to 80lb. test #6 Fits the Aftco Rods butts 80lb. to 130lb. test

Our Pirce:  $10.95